Download Game Where is My Water ?

Where's My Water? Free is a challenging physics-based puzzler with Retina display graphics, Multi-Touch controls, and soundtrack.

This Android game features Swampy the Alligator that lives under the city and yearns for a more human-like existence. He is especially fond of cleanliness. The other alligators do not take kindly to Swampy's eccentricities and have conspired to sabotage his water supply. You need to help Swampy by guiding water to his shower.

where is my waterTo be successful, you need to be clever and keep an eye out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps.

Where's My Water Free is one of Android games, where you have to go through the levels with different plans. Levels are organized by themed chapters. This is free edition of the game, and not all chapters here are unlocked.

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