I mean Alexa is a web site that provides the services of bloggers or website owners to observe the development of the blog / web hers. Alexa able to monitor the development of blogs, and always give rank / ranks blogs according to its development.
Well, if you want to add Alexa widget on a blog buddy, please register at Alexa (click: sign up Alexa)
Then follow the steps below:
1.Register your account first
2.Confirm your account in your mail
3.Login first to
4.Open the tab "For Site Owner"
5.Options will appear:
* Get Traffic Widget: Build Blog Traffic
* Get Widget Review: Create a Widget Review Blog (Forum Exchange Review)
* Get Alexa Logos: Create Logo Alexa
6.Select Traffic Widget
   For 'Traffic Widget' there are three options as follows:
   Alexa Traffic Graph
   Alexa Site Stats Button
   Alexa Traffic Rank Button
Select one
Enter your blog address and enter, it will come out alexa widget code
Copy the widget code and add it to our blog ..
If still confused how to enter code into your blog, follow these steps:
Loggin to Blogger => layout => Page Element => Add a gadget => html Javascript
Insert (paste) the code was
Save Template ..
Good luck .. and do not be surprised if the results are just a "NO DATA"
because you are the first user
Join now in here

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